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Thinfilm sensor

New ways to architect for the Internet of Things

In a previous post, Preparing for the internet of things, extreme scalability, real-time event handling, and time-to-insight were given as the three biggest challenges for Big Data and the Internet of Things. These are challenges that can be addressed now if companies are ready to invest and be proactive about what’s surely coming in the next […]

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Preparing for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is coming. If you don’t know what that means, there’s an explanation here. But if you want to be brought up to speed more quickly, here it goes: We’ve gone through three waves of data creation in our modern age. In the first age, data was generated by back office systems […]

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Internet of Everything

BPM and the Internet of Everything

Peter Schooff, writing on, asked, “How will the Internet of Everything impact BPM?” This is a great and timely question because the Internet of Everything, the growth and convergence of people, process, data and things on the Internet, is a phrase that’s popping up everywhere. This week at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Paul LaBelle […]

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Cockpit warning lights

Reading tomorrow’s newspaper today

What’s the value of yesterday’s newspaper? Not much. What’s the value of tomorrow’s? Priceless. We’re fast moving into a world where tomorrow’s news is accessible today. The chips light When I flew for the US Navy back in the 90’s, I was fascinated by something we called the “chips light.” The chips light was the […]

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Retail iBeacons

Suddenly, mobile location got really, really easy

We all know retail is being transformed by mobile technology and big data…that story is being told pretty much everywhere.   Some of the biggest changes, however, are the ones happening very quietly and without hype. The recent release of Apple’s iOS7 gave us iBeacons, something Apple didn’t shout about publicly but is clearly the reason […]

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iPhone 5S

The surprising gift that comes with the iPhone 5S

Whether we realized it or not (they didn’t make a big deal out of it), Apple launched the iPhone 5S with a special gift for the consumer and business alike. People spent the night on sidewalks to buy the next incarnation of Apple’s red-hot smartphone without even realizing it. Before I saw what it was, […]

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Massive security hole

Is the Internet of Things a gaping security chasm?

Kashmir Hill’s piece in Forbes, The Terrifying Search Engine That Finds Internet-Connected Cameras, Traffic Lights, Medical Devices, Baby Monitors and Power Plants, reports on a search engine, Shodan, built for the purpose of crawling for devices on the Internet, many of which are programmed to answer and are sometimes easy to hack. Among the devices […]

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Mobile Needle

Threading the mobile needle with service gateways

It’s ridiculous, when you think about it…craziness. We expect our business and personal information to be available through a little device, our chosen smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Likewise, organizations expect any system on the organization’s ‘backend’ to be available to any employee, partner or customer…on any device… on the ‘front end’, 24 x 7, with no […]

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The technology that will enable the Internet of Things

We’ve heard so much about the Internet of Things (IOT) being the next enormous step for both the Internet and for Big Data. For those who don’t know, the IOT is about getting devices and sensors (things) connected to the rest of the world in much the same way people are today through the Web […]

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Heineken makes our beer bottle a connected device

Why would you want your consumers buried in their iPhones, unaware of their surroundings, when you can have them staring at your product instead? Heineken announced recently that they are sponsoring events with typical DJ’s spinning the typical dance music but also with wirelessly connected beer bottles that become part of the show. The bottles […]

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tortoise and hare

Webscale means having time-based architectures

In an interesting piece yesterday, GigaOM reported that Netflix has an architecture built around timelines. This struck home for a guy who spends a great deal of time talking to people skeptical about the need for zero latency, real-time systems. The truth is that some things have to go at the highest speeds and others […]

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SoLoMo picture

SoLoMo is here and you probably don’t know what it really means

SoLoMo is the combination of social, local and mobile technology and became hot about a year ago because of the rapid rise of smartphones and geo-location technology. Because we can know exactly where we are (and our apps know as well), search results can be completely localized. This is a very democratizing development as even […]

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Information Security

Machine data drives security for the Internet of Things

If you haven’t followed the Tesla vs. NY Times story, you’ve missed the first mainstream accounting of machine data. The venerable NY Times was somehow caught off guard by the fact that Tesla was collecting data from their vehicle that could be analyzed and produced on demand. What this story didn’t tell us is that […]

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More Tesla Interiors

The automobile is dead, long live the auto-mobile

How many times have you stared at the features list of an Audi or BMW and played with their online configuration game trying to create the most expensive version ? Even trying to spec the sounds system and associated functions is mind-boggling I find it amusing and yet somewhat odd that the focus is on the […]

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Near Field Communications NFC

QR codes are losing to Near Field Communication (NFC)

Just as some of the world realized what QR codes actually are, the shift is happening toward Near Field Communication (NFC) instead. That was quick. It was also necessary. QR codes just haven’t taken off the way the industry envisioned. In an age of consumer empowerment, you don’t tell people what to use or embrace…they’ll […]

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Tesla Model S

Tesla punches NY Times in their Internet of Things

The results are in. Elon Musk has posted a damning response to the NYT test drive report by John Broder which basically points out one glaring fact: it was all a lie. In his blog post, A Most Peculiar Test, Elon lays out counter-arguments for each point that Broder brought up in his review after examining […]

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