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You had me at “Would you like a grande latte?”

My local Safeway isn’t what I would call a very modern store. And the employees are either high school kids bagging groceries and collecting carts or middle-aged cashiers, bakers and butchers. It was a big step forward a few years ago when I could sign for my credit card purchase on an electronic device. I […]

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Know it in real time

Haste can make marketing waste

If you are a customer or a brand, you know that there’s enormous change coming in the world of loyalty marketing. Customers are generating information about their preferences and behaviors at a remarkable speed, thanks to smartphones, better websites, and changing shopping and buying patterns. It’s becoming a customer-driven world, making that data ever more […]

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Salesforce buys ExactTarget

Salesforce not buying what they need with ExactTarget, even for $2.5 billion

You can’t build a mansion around an outhouse and you can’t build real-time customer engagement by putting an email and campaign management tool on top of a CRM database. It doesn’t work like that. The business of interacting with prospects and customers is a real-time game that requires the ability sense and respond in ways […]

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Big Data: the shift from ocean to stream will hit you like a tsunami

So the fabled Mary Meeker powerpoint tome hit the internet at the D11 conference this week and if you have the patience to wade through the stats the messages are pretty clear: it’s a wearable, shareable future for mankind. But there’s a shift in how people are willing to share now. Share it. Delete it. […]

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Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing or right-time marketing?

Real-time marketing is all the rage, though as TIBCO Loyalty Lab’s David Rosen is quick to point out, brands really need to be focused on right time marketing. “The speed and reaction of marketing needs to be relevant when the consumer is discovering, shopping or sharing,” he said. Brands need to act with relevance and […]

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tortoise and hare

Webscale means having time-based architectures

In an interesting piece yesterday, GigaOM reported that Netflix has an architecture built around timelines. This struck home for a guy who spends a great deal of time talking to people skeptical about the need for zero latency, real-time systems. The truth is that some things have to go at the highest speeds and others […]

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Money in hand in the form of many large bills

There’s a technology tsunami hitting the world of commerce

I had a great chance this week to catch up with a friend from Venture Beat about my thoughts on what’s revolutionizing our world in this moment. While that’s a broad question, the answer is very specific: The patterns for how people buy and sell are shifting very rapidly.  Buying and selling touches everything that we […]

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Stream economy

What is the stream economy?

The ability to catch the consumer’s eye has become far more than flashy neon and holiday sales. As consumption becomes more digital and discerning, targeted offers to calculated demographics become so 2012. Getting and holding the consumer’s attention is now about engaging at the time and method of the consumer’s choice. Likewise, creating brand loyalists […]

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Dream big

Big data should lead to big dreams

Organizations are collecting more and more data every single minute of every day. It’s no secret that Facebook, for example, processes 2.5 billion pieces of content and over 500 terabytes of data each day, pulling in 2.7 billion Likes and 300 million photos per diem. Facebook also scans a whopping 105 terabytes of data each half […]

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Magic Eight Ball

Looking beyond real-time

This week it was announced that a collaboration between Microsoft and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology created software that predicts future events using a combination of archived news material from the New York Times, real-time data and information from a variety of web sources like Wikipedia. In their research paper they focused on predicting disease outbreaks, riots and […]

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The end of the Web Search and Computer

There won’t be a ‘next version of the Web’

In an excellent post on Wired, David Gelernter makes the argument that we’re approaching The End of the Web, Search and Computer as We Know It. In what sounds like a science-fiction statement, Gelernter says that,  “The space-based web we currently have will be gradually replaced by a time-based worldstream.” We have evidence of what […]

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Roger Craig

Super Bowl champion Roger Craig gives his thoughts on the 49er’s chances

The following is a guest post by Hardik Davé, a Palo Alto based technology executive who has spent over 15 years working in both hardware and software Sales, Marketing & Business Development roles within Enterprise & Startup environments. In his spare time, he is an independent music artist who is well versed with navigating the […]

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Meeting Your Customer

Meeting your customers where they are, anytime, anywhere

Many made predictions as 2013 kicked off, but one caught my eye. Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick called this new year the Year of Digital Business. As Fenwick points out, there has been a communications evolution that has many retailers scrambling to find ways to get closer to their customers with innovative new technology to beat the […]

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Graph Search and enterprise social networks

Facebook yesterday unveiled it’s somewhat lackluster (for the consumer) new feature to the public called Graph Search, a way of using the data stored in it’s social network to find out more about people using connections, places, photos and interests as search parameters. While this is a big yawn for most (and perhaps another privacy cat and […]

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Stop Watch

Getting real about real-time

Real-time means something a little different to everyone. The term is too-often used to describe getting information on what happened up to the moment, a rolling report of the history of something – like customer purchases, staffing costs or inventory levels. It’s like asking what time it is. There’s only an accurate answer for that one-dimensional question at […]

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Google data center

“Any time scalability and performance are an issue”

That’s the answer to the question, “When do we need in-memory computing?” The question came up in a meeting with a technology industry analyst today and his answer was so simple, so direct, that it needed to be repeated. In-memory computing is the answer whenever scalability and performance are an issue. Those close to technology […]

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