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One man’s trash is another man’s big data

In 2012 the Senseable City Lab, part of MIT, conducted an experiment called Trash Track to see just what happens when someone takes out the trash. By attaching transmitters to over 3,000 pieces of rubbish they were able to track where that item went, whether they went to the correct recycling facility or not, and how far […]

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Thinfilm sensor

New ways to architect for the Internet of Things

In a previous post, Preparing for the internet of things, extreme scalability, real-time event handling, and time-to-insight were given as the three biggest challenges for Big Data and the Internet of Things. These are challenges that can be addressed now if companies are ready to invest and be proactive about what’s surely coming in the next […]

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Customer loyalty is a bird in the hand

We’ve heard the phrase, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” since childhood. We were being told by wiser adults to value what we have over the things we don’t. Customer engagement has the same lesson at its heart: We can more easily achieve our goals by creating better, more loyal […]

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Shane Mosely, Antonio Margarito

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

I attended The Big Data Conference in Chicago these past three days and noticed common threads consistently woven through each session and side conversation. First, we’re beyond the questions about what big data means (finally…I heard no V’s for three days). Instead, the conversations centered on where to get started, what approach to take, and […]

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Cockpit warning lights

Reading tomorrow’s newspaper today

What’s the value of yesterday’s newspaper? Not much. What’s the value of tomorrow’s? Priceless. We’re fast moving into a world where tomorrow’s news is accessible today. The chips light When I flew for the US Navy back in the 90’s, I was fascinated by something we called the “chips light.” The chips light was the […]

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Key Speakers And General Views From The Google I/O 2012 Conference

3 reasons Google Glass is inevitable

Even when Google Glass was  only a rumor, there were questions about whether it was a glimpse of the future or just a gimmick. It was enough of a question that it made the Weekend Update on Saturday Night LIve as the cast ridiculed the device (it was very, very funny). It was clear that […]

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Geek and jock

Analytics is the marriage of geek and (business) jock

Harvard Business Review published a really interesting interview with Nate Silver this week. Silver was asked about how to approach analytics based on several different points of entry to the field. One of the best questions involved how an organization should deploy ‘stat heads’, Silver’s term for data analytics experts. The interviewer wanted to know if […]

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Big Data’s dark corners

Fabless Labs CEO Piyush Govil isn’t the loudest voice in the room but is often the smartest when it comes to Big Data. His work with VinSpin, an app that provides a new way to choose wine, was written up last year in the Harvard Business Review as an example of bringing Big Data to the […]

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How to do data science without a data scientist

We’ve all heard by now that data scientists are in short supply. According to the TIBCO Spotfire Trends and Outliers Blog, this isn’t a problem that’s going away any time soon: According to McKinsey Global Institute, the US could be facing a shortage of 190,000 people with analytical skills by 2018. McKinsey isn’t the only organization […]

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Spy Vs Spy

The intersection of marketing and Big Data

There are few topics hotter than Big Data. There are few professions being transformed by Big Data more than marketing, with the conversation rapidly shifting to customer engagement through loyalty programs; these include mobile, social, and other channel data as part of an omni-channel loyalty platform. Just as quickly as we digitize our world, we […]

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Yin yang

Process is data and data is process

We’re a funny lot. For years we’ve been talking about data and process as though they were two different things. Guess what…they’re not. Process involves the activities of getting work done and data both describes process and is also the beginning and end points of work. We consume data in processes and we produce data […]

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Get more done by having fewer employees

Unstructured data has become the best friend and maybe the last defense of the traditional worker. The more unstructured data in the enterprise, the greater the need for people to solve the problem of information that’s hard to understand, aggregate, analyze, make decisions against and act upon. Great outcomes depend on how accurately and quickly […]

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All Data

Forget Big Data — let’s talk about all data

The following is a guest post by Matt Quinn. We constantly hear people talking about big data as a monstrous mess. They usually describe it as a difficult problem to tackle, as though big data itself has a beginning and an end, or a neat solution. I’ve been to many conferences in the last few […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.55.25 PM

Thin walls and traffic cameras

The following is a guest post by Alistair Croll. A couple of years ago, I spoke with an European Union diplomat who shall remain nameless about the governing body’s attitude to privacy. “Do you know why the French hate traffic cameras?” he asked me. “It’s because it makes it hard for them to cheat on their […]

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CMO's weapons

Big data is just one of the CMO’s weapons

Big Data is only part of the CMO’s new armoury. It’s what you do with that information next that has the biggest impact on the entire customer experience. This is no longer your grandfather’s marketing campaign story. In order to understand customers better the data collected has to be put into context against their behaviour […]

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Big data and operations

Grown up Big Data supports operational technology

In his summary for a report out last week, Gartner’s Doug Laney confirmed what some have been saying about making Big Data a part of more than simply research: Interlacing operational technology and “big data” initiatives can generate lucrative supplemental benefits. Information strategists should plan to use OT-generated data to bolster analytics and exploit big […]

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