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The nexus of healthcare forces

We’re undergoing a revolution in healthcare that started with the American Recovery Act in 2009. Good things can come from bad things, and near economic collapse gave us a reason to invest. The Act funded the switchover from paper to digital record keeping and amazingly, there was quite a bit of resistance at first. Someday […]

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Hadoop without infrastructure

Hadoop: A race car without wheels?

I had a chance to both present on Big Data this week and to sit in on several other talks on the topic. There was a clear theme that emerged…Hadoop and other Big Data-specific tools are just the tip of the iceberg. By themselves, they solve nothing. Part of the confusion arises from vendor marketing […]

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Tip of the iceberg

The non-hype definition of Big Data

In all the hype, we can easily get caught up in the limitations of the standard definition of Big Data, often defined as the ‘3 V’s’: Variety – Data that has many sources and structures/formats Velocity – Data coming in very quickly that is defined by its flow rate and/or accumulation Volume – Terabytes, petabytes […]

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Big Data’s Christmas challenge: Make it merry or go home

As we approach Christmas, every logistical network in the world is being stretched to its maximum. In fact, this week brings the highest volumes and most stress of the year for the companies that move consumer goods and people everywhere in the world. What will appear seamless to us (hopefully) is driven by a remarkable […]

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Big Data

Shopping in the Big Data marketplace

The Big Data marketplace is diverse and growing. It has a host of companies selling products that are called big data solutions but some of that is opportunism and some is deliberate obfuscation of the concept. Let’s take a look at the landscape of products and categories and try to make sense of what’s out […]

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Sand Dune

Data is not information and information is not insight

There’s lots of hype around Big Data but every now and then something finds its way through the buzz and confusion. In today’s TechCrunch, there was an excellent read by Dr. Michael Wu, Principal Scientist at Lithium, an organization that describes its role as “helping companies unlock the passion of their customers”. Wu explains very […]

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Unsubscribe Button

How to get rid of your customers before Christmas

Unsubscribe. That’s become a constant activity leading up to Black Friday and afterward, too. And these are emails coming from the places that I know and trust. The ones I’ve gladly given my email to in to past. They were good about sending me emails once in a while and for that reason, I actually […]

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Google data center

“Any time scalability and performance are an issue”

That’s the answer to the question, “When do we need in-memory computing?” The question came up in a meeting with a technology industry analyst today and his answer was so simple, so direct, that it needed to be repeated. In-memory computing is the answer whenever scalability and performance are an issue. Those close to technology […]

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Everything is Moneyball

Suddenly, everything is “Moneyball” and analytics are all the rage. It’s beginning to dawn on a broad spectrum of industries that the kind of analytics that Wall Street has used for years to drive decision-making has a similar value for everyone. And the media is catching on. A quick search of “moneyball” returns great examples: […]

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Ubiquitous Data

More than Big Data, the challenge is Ubiquitous Data

If you’ve watched this blog over the past year and a half, you know we’ve written a great deal about social, mobile, big data, analytics, cloud, Platform as a Service, process, and more recently, the Internet of Things. While these topics seem to cover a wide variety of technologies and business models, they actually cover […]

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Obama versus Romney graphic

Real-time analytics are the real winner of Election 2012

Real-time analytics have come into their own and few ways show this as effectively as the visualization tools that are showing up everywhere around the U.S. 2012 Presidential Election. We can slice, dice and prepare our own ‘meal’ of statistics visualized in ways that make it easy to add human interaction to impersonal data. Interactive […]

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Consumer choice

Big Data that actually works

I had the pleasure of seeing a presentation by The Nielsen Company (NLSN) as part of TIBCO’s sponsorship of the 2012 Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Florida. Ken Rabolt, Chief Data Architect to the CTO of Nielsen presented on Nielsen’s move from independent IT systems spanning 110 countries to a consolidated market research platform that […]

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Ohio Election Map

Election 2012: Are stats taking the fun out of it?

Have statistics taken all of the fun out of the U.S. election? Advanced analytics and the electoral college combine to make the outcome less about popularity and more about focused messages and ad spends. It makes it science more than politics. Today is the third and final debate of the 2012 Presidential Election. Mitt Romney […]

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Money for nothing and the clicks for free

The Internet is coming up on 20 years soon and there will be an enormous amount of analysis on how it changed the world. There’s no doubt that it connected, globalized, outsourced, and mobilized our lives. But what it never did…thought some expected it to, was give us money for nothing. Dire Straits cynical look […]

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Sabestien Sasseville

Big Data – big market or just big marketing?

It is not hard to understand why Big Data has captured the imagination of journalists, bloggers and corporations. It is easy to understand and compelling. It is a wonderful marketing buzz word. But it needs people to dig behind it to understand the implications. EMC has done a great job with this video. The real […]

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BigData Umbrella

Closing the Big Data Loop

It has been two weeks since TUCON 2012, the TIBCO user conference held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. TIBCO is well-known as an integration company but used the event to demonstrate their broad platform approach to the biggest challenges of today, like digital customer experience, loyalty, and the topic of this article, Big Data. The […]

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