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Streaming data

Streaming data is the new technology frontier

TIBCO today announced its purchase of StreamBase, a software company focused on streaming big data and very successful in capital markets and government intelligence, among other verticals, where the ability to process fast-moving data with very low latency is absolutely essential to the business. Big data is hot We know big data is all the […]

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How should I feel about sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is nothing new but is taking on urgency with the rise of mobile computing and the event enabled enterprise. What is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis is all about figuring out the attitude of someone speaking or writing. With so much being expressed through various social media across the Web, knowing the actual attitude […]

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Dell Social Media Listening Command Center

Quick, to the social media bunker!

Fascinating to see social media climb from adolescence to the point where major corporations are maintaining Houston Control-like centers to respond to social media. From sports teams to corporations, this is the new reality. A CNN Money story cites Dell’s version: Dell’s social media ground control and command center in Round Rock, Texas, has a total of […]

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Big Data Wave

Big Data must not be an elephant riding a bicycle

Forrester’s John Rymer sums up his opinion succinctly when he says, “Big Data: The worst category name ever.” It certainly has challenges in name and how people conceive of it. Big Data as the hype would have it, I call, “The elephant riding the bicycle.” I’ll give you the seven things you need to consider, […]

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Social Media

Social media grows up

We weren’t able to attend Dreamforce 2012 as we were preparing for a more-focused, less-hyped conference, TUCON 2012 in Las Vegas the following week (humor, folks). Always wanting to know what’s going on, I spent time looking through the Dreamforce  presentations on YouTube and enjoyed this one on the future of social business. The presenters were Dion […]

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Avoiding another 9/11 moment

In a speech last week, U .S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta shocked many people with how real the threat is of a cyber attack on the U.S. and our infrastructure. In his talk to the Business Executives for National Security, Panetta painted a picture of an attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss […]

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Big Data is watching a million fireflies

I watched Mercy Health’s John Conroy talk today about how they manage one of the most deadly issues facing hospitals right now: Sepsis. It is a systemic infection that isn’t the reason the patient entered the hospital. He described what they do as standing in a field in the summertime at dusk and seeing flashes of […]

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Union Pacific Locomotive

Managing old in a new way

When you think of railroads, do you think of high tech? Maybe you’re like many who think of trains as a quaint, lingering sign of a simpler time. The reality is that today’s railroads are a far cry from the business of even a few years ago. Technology and trains While their paths may be […]

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The new look of retail

The new detail of retail

Retail has gone through enormous stresses in the past decade, with more to come. Just the normal ups and downs of local and global economies, supply chains and personal taste are a huge challenge. Add to that mix the increasing maturation of concepts like e-Commerce, Big Data, RFID and mobile. Each of these would be […]

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Data in motion

Data in motion divides the haves and have nots

Data in motion is not a new term, but it has more meaning today than ever before. There is a significant shift in the way technology is being used thanks to the increasingly cheap price of RAM (Random Access Memory) and an increasingly interconnected world. RAM was always the ‘pricey’ memory that was also volatile…it […]

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Enterprise security

Security in an insecure world

In a recent TechCrunch article, Just Like Everything Else In The Enterprise Space, Security Is About To Be Disrupted, the author argues that the momentum of change in enterprise technology will roll over this space as well. I’m going to tell you why simply shopping for a security vendor may not be enough. The good […]

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Leaf Curl

The pattern for success

My Navy career involved flying over many parts of the world. In those long hours without much else to do I occupied my mind looking for the patterns of houses, roads, farms and nature. Still today I watch out the aircraft window and try to make sense of the patterns that I see from miles […]

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Business events are red hot

Business events are red hot and here’s why

A business event is simply something that happens (or doesn’t happen, to be exact) that an organization cares about. Though the concept of events has been around since the dawn of computing, new technologies are here that make it much easier to manage events as single instances or in complex combinations that have complexity humans […]

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