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Facebook Home

Facebook Home shows us the post-app world

Facebook’s Home went live on Google Play today for the owners of a select few Android phones, ushering in the post-app era. Not only did they bring the future, they also managed to become a mobile force to be reckoned with without the painful work of launching an OS and phone. Very smart. This doesn’t […]

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How Google+ will put Facebook out of business

The following is a guest post by Allison Rice. Google+ arrived on the social media scene in 2011 like a lamb, with little heralding, and on the surface level, it’s hardly become a lion that can compete with Facebook or Twitter. It’s been referred to alternately as a “little version of Facebook” and a “ghost […]

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Thumbs up and down

3 reasons Facebook is high-risk for personal or business use

I’m a skeptic of gloom and doom, don’t get me wrong. I’ve heard everything said about the demise of Facebook and I’ve been their staunch defender for years now. But something is fundamentally changing, or maybe a few trends are showing up that lead me to believe Facebook is losing traction as a social media […]

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Why the #hashtag obsession will die out quickly now

So I had a quick Twitter convo this morning about hashtags with @smartco and @benjaminellis and it got me thinking about whether we really need them. #OnceUseful To me, hashtags were useful at the beginning of Twitter’s life, it was a way of tagging subjects and immediately track trending topics. Rightly so, both Ben (@benjaminellis) […]

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Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 3.35.53 PM

Apple strategy of not caring too much

If there’s one thing that defines Apple’s rise over the past decade, it has been the lack of defensiveness on their relentless march forward. CEO Tim Cook spoke this morning at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference and his words were fascinating for what they say about their attitude: Apple doesn’t care too much. […]

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Google slide

Workplace fun is not the same as fun work

With different companies like Google, Facebook, and Box famous for putting slides, scooters, and playgrounds in their offices, I could not help but question if I should be having more fun at work, separate from getting enjoyment out of the work I am doing. But before my mind could wander too far, I realized something […]

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Thumbs Down

What If ?…Facebook ‘was’ the Internet

What if Facebook became so large it actually was the Internet ? We’ve seen how quickly it takes down entire sites when it fails ? So many depend on Facebook authentication for login, commenting, posting, marketing. But where does all integration end ? Does it end ? Should it end ? What if you woke […]

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Pebble Watch

Dawn of the wearable device

Wearable devices promise to make computing more personal than ever before. The market is led by a surge in health and fitness innovations that can track your lifestyle, like the Jawbone UP, and by healthcare devices that can measure your glucose level and other vital signs. Few wearables have gotten more attention than Google Glass, […]

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Paying Facebook

Would you pay Facebook to delete your data ?

There’s been a slew of privacy changes in Facebook in the last 6 months, Graph Search was announced last week and they’re trialing a new ‘pay to message’ service for people outside of your network (as well as the premium $100 price tag to spam Zuckerberg himself). It’s nothing new, LinkedIn has had this networking […]

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Graph Search and enterprise social networks

Facebook yesterday unveiled it’s somewhat lackluster (for the consumer) new feature to the public called Graph Search, a way of using the data stored in it’s social network to find out more about people using connections, places, photos and interests as search parameters. While this is a big yawn for most (and perhaps another privacy cat and […]

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Bank Robber

Fake accounts and spammers will ruin social media

Pinterest announced that last week it has begun to purge its roles of the fake accounts and spammers that made up 20% of their membership. While 20% may seem high, reports from Facebook and other sites show that to be the norm more than an exception. This is a bigger story than people realize. Social […]

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Does social media accelerate cultural change?

Regardless of your stance on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or California’s Proposition 8, the pace at which culture has changed in the past several years has been startling. What seemed decades away just a few years ago is suddenly front and center and being decided by U.S. Supreme Court. Public opinion polls have changed […]

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gift box

Facebook will do just fine

The naysayers became a deafening roar from the moment Facebook’s IPO failed to skyrocket in May of this year. It was stunning how quickly the darling of Wall Street became trailer trash. But look no further than yesterday, when the lockup period ended and insiders could sell 850 million shares. Some did but the stock […]

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Internet fakery

Internet fakery and protecting your brand

“Please do not vote for Obama.” That was the post that went up supposedly from Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gaston County, North Carolina. It wasn’t their post, and in fact, Gaston Memorial Hospital didn’t have a Facebook account of their own. Therein lies the problem: If we don’t claim our own identity, someone will happily claim […]

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FedEx Future

A glimpse of the future: FedEx and Facebook

Every now and then we get a glimpse of the future from a short news story without a great deal of fanfare. We had one of those glimpses today with Facebook’s new Ship to Friends app. The Next Web (TNW) covered it in a quick read that gave us this pitch from Facebook: Ready to […]

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Obama wins

After the election, social media makeup day?

We’ve concluded another American election and selected Barak Obama as our President for four more years. It wasn’t close enough to end up court and the losing candidate graciously conceded. If the men at the top can have a peaceful conversation at the end, does that mean that the rest of us can, too? Maybe, […]

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