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luggage stuffing

Is your technology past a heavy burden to carry around?

Gartner’s AADI Conference kicked off this morning at the Park Plaza in London with the keynote Gartner Keynote: Integrate the Past. Embrace the Present. Shape the Futuredelivered by Gartner’s Andy Kyte and David Mitchell Smith. Kyte and Smith talked about the Nexus of Forces (cloud, mobile, social and information) that is driving both change and uncertainty. […]

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Christopher Lloyd, original data scientist

What the h#ll is a data scientist anyway ?

The Big Data hype engine rolls on but nothing ever gets any clearer. Let’s be serious, NASA has been playing with ‘lots and lots’ of data since the time of the Moon launches but it was just data back then, and now all of a sudden it’s this big concern for the CIO ? Of […]

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Sorry, your success stories are stale

Enterprise change program are dead. This is the year of the Engagement Program. The predictions for 2013 are coming in thick and fast. We know technologies such as mobile, cloud and big data have been making the news and that the Internet of Things is the new darling of the analyst community and application platform […]

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Tarot cards

What does Gartner forecast for 2013?

Gartner this week revealed its predictions for 2013 (and beyond). From their role at the intersection of technology and technology consumers, they have a relatively unique perspective on what’s coming next. Not too surprisingly, Gartner predicts that social, mobile, cloud and information are the Nexus of Forces that will drive change in the enterprise. You […]

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Television knows you

Does your television know you?

When we think of targeted and personalized ads, most people think of mobile and Web as the delivery mechanism. That will rapidly become less and less the limitation of digital marketing. Let me tell you why. Gartner’s Nexus of Forces spotlights the coming together of the biggest factors that affect technology in our time. Listening […]

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Creating 21st Century Applications

21st Century technology is finally here

This afternoon I was able to sit in on a session delivered by TIBCO’s Ivan Casanova, Creating 21st Century Applications in an Event Enabled Enterprise. Data in motion, data at rest Ivan took the audience through a detailed look at how the Gartner Nexus of Forces plays itself out in the real world. He provided examples […]

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Eat Mor Chikin

CMO, CIO? You need an MOO

Gartner predicts that by 2017 the average technology budget of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) will be larger than a CIO’s budget. Yawn, another crazy prediction that’s counterintuitive and focuses too much on IT spend without taking into account the bigger picture. I suppose we should actually just merge the CIO and CMO into one […]

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5 things venture capitalists need in a marketing executive

Venture capitalists (VCs) are paying more attention to the structure of the marketing teams they invest. Why? Because marketing plays an increasingly influential role in the success of their portfolio companies.  To ensure that the marketing can garner the kind of leads that drive sales, they want to see a particular profile in a marketing […]

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Gartner ITxpo Barcelona 2012

Gartner says CEOs are asleep at the wheel

At the recent Gartner Summit they talked about the Nexus of Forces which are changing the face of business: “A Nexus of converging forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — is building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities.” I covered this in more detail in a recent blog Gartner Nexus […]

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Maximizing Cloud’s silver lining – An integration love story

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the value of Cloud as excellent for disaster recovery, but there is so much more to Cloud that isn’t always clear. I had the great pleasure of hearing Gartner’s Massimo Pezzini present at the Gartner ITxpo in Barcelona, Spain today. Why Cloud integration? Pezzini pointed out that organizations today play in multiple virtual enterprises that include […]

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Wake up and smell your social and collaboration strategy

I had the chance to hear Gartner’s Jeffrey Mann at the ITxpo Symposion in Barcelona, Spain today giving a talk, “Creating Your Social and Collaboration Strategy.” Very timely topic as enterprise social is finally a done deal. Consensus has arrived that enterprise social has value and senior leadership is buying into the need to get […]

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Gartner Nexus of Forces. Scarier than Halloween.

Scared. Threatened. Dragged out of your comfort zone. Struggling to make sense of the future. You should be. The opening keynote was inspiring, theatrical and terrifying in equal measure. The key theme for Gartner’s annual Symposium IT Expo in Orlando last week and this week in Barcelona for nearly 10,000 delegates was the Nexus of […]

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Windows Store, Alex Washburn

Is it too late for Microsoft?

Today was Day 1 of the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Florida. In a keynote address, Gartner’s Peter Sondegaard made the statement that most enterprises won’t consider updating their PC operating systems until at least 2016. He said there is no compelling business reason to update sooner.  Four years. In today’s age, that’s a lifetime. If […]

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What exactly does ‘mobile‘ mean?

Gartner describes the Nexus of Forces as Cloud, Social, Mobile and Information. Many industry commentators and analysts, myself included have blogged about CSM – Cloud Social Mobile. But what is the ‘mobile’ we’ve been talking about. Is it the mobile phone – the handheld device? If it is then it immediately we have discounted all […]

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