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Starbucks wifi

Why would Google offer free wifi at Starbucks?

Google and Starbucks are teaming up to offer free wifi at 7,000 coffee shops across the US and the move is brilliant. Starbucks offers excellent segmentation for Google as its customers are younger, trendier and willing to spend ridiculous sums on coffee. This move is similar to Google’s announcement last week that they’d be providing […]

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House of Cards

Netflix nominated for an Emmy and the revolution continues

Netflix was nominated today for an Emmy for its original series Arrested Development, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. Google is going to try once again to deliver TV service over the Internet. Apple is looking to pay TV networks for commercial-skipping through a premium service. Is there a pattern here or what? These moves […]

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Google Play

Of course Google takes on Spotify and Pandora — it’s a pay as you go world

Today at Google’s Developer Conference (IO) the crowd was treated to the announcement of Google Play, the brand new service that offers a Netflix-style access to music content for as low as $9.99 per month. The announcement rocks the world currently dominated by iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. Google Play offers not just access, but the […]

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How Google+ will put Facebook out of business

The following is a guest post by Allison Rice. Google+ arrived on the social media scene in 2011 like a lamb, with little heralding, and on the surface level, it’s hardly become a lion that can compete with Facebook or Twitter. It’s been referred to alternately as a “little version of Facebook” and a “ghost […]

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Google Skiing

Google goes skiing with resort maps…here’s why

Google announced that it added trail maps for 100 more ski resorts today, bringing their total to 225 maps. If you think this is for the convenience of skiers, think again. Few resorts are complex enough to require a map once you’ve skied a few runs. Google knows that map data holds the key to […]

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Google slide

Workplace fun is not the same as fun work

With different companies like Google, Facebook, and Box famous for putting slides, scooters, and playgrounds in their offices, I could not help but question if I should be having more fun at work, separate from getting enjoyment out of the work I am doing. But before my mind could wander too far, I realized something […]

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Roger Bannister

The amazing revelation of mere feasibility

I remember the amazement I experienced the first time I saw Google’s autocomplete in action. With this small feature, Google revolutionized knowledge management. No longer did users have the hit-or-miss experience of having to enter multiple searches to figure out the best term. Google provided real time feedback on the the most commonly grouped terms. […]

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Internet fakery

Internet fakery and protecting your brand

“Please do not vote for Obama.” That was the post that went up supposedly from Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gaston County, North Carolina. It wasn’t their post, and in fact, Gaston Memorial Hospital didn’t have a Facebook account of their own. Therein lies the problem: If we don’t claim our own identity, someone will happily claim […]

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Mickey Ward, Lewis Veader

Google learns a $15B lesson on mobile

Google hit the news last night for all the wrong reasons. Firstly when their printer inadvertently issued their Q3 results hours too early (when NASDAQ was still in session!). Secondly by issuing results that were well below expectations. But if you look behind the announcements you can see a more interesting trend. Mobile explosion Indeed, […]

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The State of the Internet

Dissecting the state of the Internet

I had a chance to follow a link this morning to a presentation called, The State of the Internet by the Founder and CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget. Beyond the fact that it has 138 slides, it had some very interesting things to put forward about our 20-year-old Internet. To save you some time […]

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