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Close-up of stethoscope on laptop keyboard

Technology, not politicians, will rescue healthcare

Watching the political theater in the US Capitol one has to wonder if there may not be a legislative solution for the American healthcare system. It seems as a country or government that we’re unable to agree on the approach or even on the scale of the problem. But there has to be something more […]

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Frustrated doctor

Apple can do what $27 billion in Federal funding hasn’t

The “Consumerization of IT” was an employee-led revolution.  Personal and business technology were leveraged by the employees to improve their own productivity, forcing IT to respond to ensure corporate standards were followed and intellectual property was protected. IT played catch up because they had no choice. Let’s take that example and consider the challenge to […]

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Healthcare in critical condition without integration

Healthcare is in a moment of transformation that is coming at a bewildering pace for some and not soon enough for others. The most progressive healthcare organizations are implementing a new vision – using information and events occurring in the course of care to recognize trends and patterns, and to act upon them immediately.  They […]

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Health Benefits

Why you should care about healthcare?

45.7 million people in America do not have health insurance. 16 million people are under-insured and do not have adequate protection. $768 is the amount an average family of four falls short in having to pay for health care premiums each year with an annual minimum wage salary. $8,233 is how much the American government spends on health care for each person every […]

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Healthcare is personal

When healthcare gets very personal

The following is a guest post by Doug Evans. Doug has years of experience leading marketing teams across diverse industries and especially in technology companies, including startups. He lives in Dublin, Ohio, where he also enjoys a hobby working in marketing and PR for the music industry. Just before the holidays, I went in for […]

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The nexus of healthcare forces

We’re undergoing a revolution in healthcare that started with the American Recovery Act in 2009. Good things can come from bad things, and near economic collapse gave us a reason to invest. The Act funded the switchover from paper to digital record keeping and amazingly, there was quite a bit of resistance at first. Someday […]

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Disrupt Education

Time to be disruptive in class

The disruption first brought on by the computer and then the Internet is reaching far into our society and isn’t nearly done yet. But there are fewer and fewer holdouts. Even healthcare “Doctors will never move away from paper.” Working in healthcare, I heard that phrase said many times. It was true until it wasn’t. […]

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Big Data is watching a million fireflies

I watched Mercy Health’s John Conroy talk today about how they manage one of the most deadly issues facing hospitals right now: Sepsis. It is a systemic infection that isn’t the reason the patient entered the hospital. He described what they do as standing in a field in the summertime at dusk and seeing flashes of […]

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Rolling the dice

Big technology change without big risk

Companies can reduce risk and allow organizational learning by breaking major process improvements into a series of small, reversible experiments. But when the change involves a new information technology, it’s harder to make incremental updates. This approach reduces risks and allows people to learn from each, and make adjustments as they go. But when the […]

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Healthcare Integration

The vendor questions you must ask

The following is a guest post by John Gomez and was first published on HIS Talk as HIT Integration Analysis Guide. Over the past several months, one of the biggest questions I have gotten regarding the state of HIT is related to platform and technical integration. Specifically, the debate related to single platform vs. an […]

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Your EMR is lonely without process

The following is a preview of a soon to be released article on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and business process.  To receive a copy, contact me at: tom@successfulworkplace.com. The move to electronic medical records (EMRs) is underway in the US.  This critical component of health information systems is already yielding benefits for an inefficient system. […]

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Healthcare is ‘wasting’ away

I recently came across an article co-authored by someone I respect a great deal, Don Berwick, in which the authors address the current estimated annual US healthcare waste by category. I strongly recommend reading the article. What struck me the most was how many of the estimated waste categories can be significantly impacted by using […]

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Repeat business is an awful thing

The following is a guest post by Dr. Gary Ferguson. Gary Ferguson has a strong background in starting, leading, and turning around healthcare IT organizations.  Dr. Ferguson earned his doctorate in pharmacy and pharmacology at the Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Health Network, and gained clinical experience working in a trauma center. […]

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Dr Brent James

The Toyota of healthcare? Deming would be proud.

What a privilege to spend three days in Utah with Intermountain Healthcare at their Mindshare 2012 Conference. I was invited by the CFO Bert Zimmerli and CIO Marc Probst when we met last week at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. I was very interested, but what truly closed the deal was attending a session with […]

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