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Dark Art

Management, dark art, and disguises

Management is a tough job, done well. There is an enormous difference between an employee and a manager, besides the obvious difference in pay grade and power. An employee is someone who works to provide value to the company and has the company’s interest in mind, first and foremost. A manager has to innovate and […]

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To succeed in business you need to think like a superhero

I’m a bit of a comic book geek; I read them, collect them and chase the writer and artists to sign them. Everyone has a vice, that’s one of mine. But it got me thinking about how many lessons from comics could be translated into business life. Technology can be your superpower Look at how […]

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The end in mind

Best advice: start with the end in mind

LinkedIn is running another INfluencer series called “Best Advice I ever received” so here at SuccessfulWorkplace we’re doing the same. Early in my career, when I was a Business Analyst leading software implementation projects, a manager told me: “Start with the end in mind.” What she meant was, think about how you want the system […]

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1 14 2012-ONC-Lance Armstrong

Lance, why drag process into this?

I, like many others, watched Oprah Winfrey interview Lance Armstrong last night. I won’t go into whether I feel his is good or bad, what he did was right or wrong, justified or abhorrent. That is for the sport of cycling, Lance, and all those intimately involved to decide among themselves. Although, I have a feeling we’ll […]

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chalk on blackboard tray

Getting kids ready for the new workplace

Remember those indispensable employees that just knew things no one else knew? They could be the worst coworker in the world but were valued for what they knew in the moments that counted. Times have changed and we can know anything if we just figure out how to search for it. The Internet is the […]

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Social Network

Why shouldn’t a woman start a software technology company?

The following is a guest post by Catheryne Nicholson, Co-Founder and CEO at MommaZoo, a “village of help for school parents” startup in the Bay Area. MommaZoo provides a local parent network to discover and share help in transporting, caring, and educating kids. Between her multiple jobs and motherhood, she’s always multi-tasking. Back when she had the […]

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Gartner ITxpo Barcelona 2012

Gartner says CEOs are asleep at the wheel

At the recent Gartner Summit they talked about the Nexus of Forces which are changing the face of business: “A Nexus of converging forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — is building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities.” I covered this in more detail in a recent blog Gartner Nexus […]

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Gartner Nexus of Forces. Scarier than Halloween.

Scared. Threatened. Dragged out of your comfort zone. Struggling to make sense of the future. You should be. The opening keynote was inspiring, theatrical and terrifying in equal measure. The key theme for Gartner’s annual Symposium IT Expo in Orlando last week and this week in Barcelona for nearly 10,000 delegates was the Nexus of […]

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Process: Holding out for a hero?

A recent blog post by Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) created one of the “POW!” moments for me. The writeup was about organizations that always deal with “problems,” and what happens when there are no more problems to solve. Problem solvers don’t function well when they don’t have any problems to solve. They often seem lost. We’re […]

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Psychopaths in the Boardroom (or Parliament)

Psychopaths lack empathy, are pathological liars, have an enormous sense of self-worth, are impulsive, irresponsible and won’t accept responsibility for their own actions. They make up 1% of the total population, 25% of the criminal population. But do you recognize the traits.  Perhaps in the upper reaches of your corporation or our Governments? The Psy-Fi […]

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Penguins walking in a line

Leadership in the software industry is a curse

Leadership in the software business is a funny thing. While some, including popular analyst firms, think leadership is a key factor, there is an inconvenient truth: Leadership in software, especially with today’s pace of change, more likely means you’ve grown successful enough to prevent any real innovation from taking place. Put another way, what you’ve […]

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Target Businessman

Originally posted on IT :: redux:
TOM: Target. Operating. Model. Three letters or three words, whichever way you look at it they might as well spell OCD for the COO. Whenever there is a change directive from on high the beleaguered COO thumbs through the manual of requisites and happens on the well worn page with…

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The hierarchy of employment – where are you?

From the top to the bottom: Paid for who you are (credibility)   $$$$$$$ Paid for what you know (knowledge & skill)     $$$$ Paid for what you do (time & attendance)…………………..$$ Are you investing effort to get better at the level you are now, or in climbing to the next level up?

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Dog agility

There’s no such thing as dog training

We’re the proud ‘parents’ of two amazing, rescued brittanys. They’re not big dogs, but they are very strong, run very fast, even in the house, and play rough. We decided early on to go for dog training to make sure they would obey us and be easier to live with. We spent six weeks attending […]

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Leadership and vision

Leadership is how you look at things

Over the last few years, being a leader has gotten tougher and tougher. Being a CEO was probably never so stressful as it has now become. But leadership does not necessarily suggest a CXO. It also is about everyone part of an organization. And things aren’t really easy for them either. An editorial that appeared […]

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Leadership & Redundancy

Profits. Topline. Bottomline. Data points that outlay the very purpose of an organization. Visible indices to enterprise success and, therefore, leadership. But I’d argue that there really is more to leadership than just those indices. For, those indices represent the outcome. The end. It is the not-so-visible means that characterizes leadership best. Two key aspects […]

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