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LinkedIn acquires Pulse, kills Groups and becomes context king

LinkedIn confirmed it’s acquisition of the news reader app Pulse this week, a deal valued at approximately $90 million, 90% in the form of company stock and 10% in cash. While it’s not immediately clear where this will lead the Pulse team state “We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue […]

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Child in man's suit

Young people hate LinkedIn

There are just no young people on LinkedIn. Young people complain that there are no jobs when they get out of college, but the fact that they aren’t on LinkedIn makes me think they aren’t trying very hard to look. They certainly aren’t doing what they can. Who failed to give young people the memo […]

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LinkedIn buys Pulse and steps closer to being a content site

LinkedIn is reportedly buying Pulse, a news reading app that will move LinkedIn even closer to being a content site and not just the world’s resume and recruiting source. Adding that to the LinkedIn Influencers program that serves up content from influential folks and this represents major change just this year. This move tips their […]

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James Dean

Best advice: be that rebel

LinkedIn is running another INfluencer series called “Best Advice I ever received” so here at SuccessfulWorkplace we’re doing the same. I wrote a piece about how being a rebel meant more in business than being a subject matter expert. Despite comments to the contrary I stand by it, I do after all have a career […]

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So you’re in the Top 1%…

So, who got one of these through the post then ? As soon as the email dropped into the inbox, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn were awash with people posting their new-found ‘elite’ status. Whether you were in the top 1%, 5% or 10% it was a chance to raise the profile even more by telling […]

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LinkedIn Chocolates

Jeff Weiner wants LinkedIn to be the king of content marketing

As already reported here on SuccessfulWorkplace, LinkedIn beat expectations again and the news comes as no surprise that they’ve have met and exceeded expectations every quarter since going public. But at the recent analyst call, CEO Jeff Weiner tipped the ante further by revealing his ambitions for the socio-professional platform: “One of the things that we’re increasingly […]

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LinkedIn on the rise

No surprise, LinkedIn is rockin’ it

LinkedIn beat expectations again in its 2012 fourth quarter and the news comes as no surprise. They’ve been public for nearly two years and have met or exceeded expectations every quarter since. If you follow where LinkedIn has been over the past year especially, this should come as no surprise. They’ve deftly made a turn […]

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On the road

Where I work: I’m mobile

I’m a very flexible person and that has made the difference in a job that can take me virtually anywhere.  I have taken calls from the shoulder of the freeway, the patio of my apartment, and coffee houses all over California. The life of a blogger/social marketer/actor/comedian is an exciting one. Pick any of my […]

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Home and work

Where I work: Quiet time and influence time

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today we thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes: We work from a combination of home office and corporate offices. Each has its highs and lows, but there are two ways […]

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Where I work: it’s a madhouse

Following on from the LinkedIn INfluencer posts today I thought it would be interesting for the authors of Successful Workplace to share exactly the same, after all it’s not exclusive. So here goes; The nature of what I do, between consulting, advising and writing, means I can basically throw a hat and where it lands […]

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LinkedIn is becoming a very social platform

LinkedIn has been the world’s resume database for years, but has it turned a significant corner to social? It benefits from what Alistair Croll refers to being “the new DMV“…everyone has to go there. The value of that phenomena to a single, business-focused website almost can’t be overstated. This came into very sharp focus over […]

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Social Graph

The social graph can save your life

A social graph is a fascinating concept. It is the visual depiction of connectivity between people and, in the very recent times, things. It was amazing a few months back to pull up our LinkedIn social graphs and see the plot of our professional lives. For the first time, we could see our careers in beautiful […]

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Internet fakery

Internet fakery and protecting your brand

“Please do not vote for Obama.” That was the post that went up supposedly from Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gaston County, North Carolina. It wasn’t their post, and in fact, Gaston Memorial Hospital didn’t have a Facebook account of their own. Therein lies the problem: If we don’t claim our own identity, someone will happily claim […]

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Obama wins

After the election, social media makeup day?

We’ve concluded another American election and selected Barak Obama as our President for four more years. It wasn’t close enough to end up court and the losing candidate graciously conceded. If the men at the top can have a peaceful conversation at the end, does that mean that the rest of us can, too? Maybe, […]

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Fear of change

Understanding fear of process improvement

A culture of continuous improvement is crucial to organizational performance and survival. Just ask Richard Aubut, CEO of South Shore Hospital, the leading regional provider of healthcare in southeastern Massachusetts. “We don’t know what changes will be coming with healthcare reform and other changes in our industry,” he told me recently. “But we do know we need to […]

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History Books

Four Score and Seven Tweets Ago: How social media is rewriting the history books

News of Whitney Houston’s death rocked the World, but it wasn’t written by an Associated Press journalist. The assassination of Osama Bin Laden hit the headlines, but it didn’t break through Reuters. Just a couple of high profile examples of how news has broken on Twitter before the mainstream managed to get hold of it and […]

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