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Google Glass will change the face of the enterprise

When Microsoft launched their original Surface tables it was easy see plenty of enterprise use for the device…more than simply moving photos around a pretty screen. Surface was a commercial disaster and the product is still more of a gimmick and isn’t part of  to-day-business use by businesses. Sadly, Microsoft lost the plot, so let’s not […]

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Mary Meeker and Internet Disruption

Mary Meeker shows why mobile is a revolution

Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker published her 2012 Internet Trends Year End Report yesterday and it doesn’t disappoint for detail and insight. Here are just a few highlights: The US has 79% penetration by the Internet, highest in the world for percentage but with only the half the users (245 million compared to China’s 513 million) […]

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old mill machine

Can disruption really happen this fast?

One process that we all hate performing is expense reports. If you don’t hate them, you’re probably an accountant and nothing can be done for you. For the rest of us, it is a dreaded requirement. In my workplace, the process for expense reports is a pretty standard one. We have to send PDF’s of […]

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HTML5 3D Wallpaper by Rafael Otake

To HTML5 or not to HTML5…that is the question

The following is a guest post by Catheryne Nicholson, Co-Founder and CEO at MommaZoo, a “village of help for school parents” startup in the Bay Area. MommaZoo provides a local parent network to discover and share help in transporting, caring, and educating kids. Between her multiple jobs and motherhood, she’s always multi-tasking. Back when she had the […]

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New technology is a b$#@!

Our social and mobile world have changed the game and if we don’t pay attention to our behavior, it will bite us. Just this week we had multiple reminders of what our ‘switched on’ world means. New technology can be a b$#@! for those who aren’t thinking things through. Not enough work? Just yesterday, Enrique […]

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An app for that

There’s an app for that is not a mobile strategy

How many times have we heard, “There’s an app for that”? As companies scramble to meet the mobile demands of the consumer the amount of poorly designed apps that hit the stores to download from recognised names is quite embarassing. Having an app to play with on a smartphone is not a mobile strategy and what’s worse is when that […]

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Infrastructure Change Ahead

SOA is back! (and critical to cloud, mobile, information and social)

Thomas Been is based in Paris, France and is an expert in service oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise information architecture. Thomas has extensive international experience in technology sales, consulting, marketing and alliance management. Today, on stage at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2012 in Orlando, I was able to catch a great presentation by Anne Thomas […]

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Money for nothing and the clicks for free

The Internet is coming up on 20 years soon and there will be an enormous amount of analysis on how it changed the world. There’s no doubt that it connected, globalized, outsourced, and mobilized our lives. But what it never did…thought some expected it to, was give us money for nothing. Dire Straits cynical look […]

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Screenshots Partners with background.Funda

We live in the future

I am amazed every day by the technology around us.  My favorite way of expressing this is the phrase, “We live in the future”.  If you think about it for a moment, a simple thing like texting is mind-blowing: You can have a conversation with someone, any distance away, without actually saying a word. That’s […]

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Golden State Warriors

Personal. Connected. Social

A recent blog talked about Generation C, also known as our time’s Digital Natives. These are the folks who wouldn’t think twice about trying out a new social platform or using a mobile device as their first choice when deciding where to go, what to buy, and what’s happening in their world. They are the leading […]

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The State of the Internet

Dissecting the state of the Internet

I had a chance to follow a link this morning to a presentation called, The State of the Internet by the Founder and CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget. Beyond the fact that it has 138 slides, it had some very interesting things to put forward about our 20-year-old Internet. To save you some time […]

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Monk Nepal Cell PHone

From the Himalayas to the Hilton

What we take for granted with mobile technology is remarkable. While we’re busy checking sports scores and posting to Instagram (something Ben Zoldan deplores), the developing world sees mobile devices as a way to find freedom and life-saving medical care. Yes, mobility is much more than cell phones. I get that. The point is that […]

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The awful truth: Mobility disconnects us

I had a call this week with a senior executive at Aetna, who reached out to me, and wanted to learn about my business.  From the start, the conversation felt weird; almost hollow, like this person I was supposed to get to know wasn’t even there. I heard typing on her laptop when she was […]

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TUCON 2012

Everything really IS different at #TUCON2012

TIBCO’s TUCON 2012 kicked off this morning with the theme, “Everything is Different.” From the start, the areas of Digital Customer Experience Management, Big Data, Social and Consumerization took center stage, beginning with the opening address by TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadive. Vivek talked about how to make the worst of times into the best of […]

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Organizational Structure

Mobility doesn’t change the basic facts

It doesn’t matter what drives it, organizations will want to try and leverage organizational structure for productivity gain. There is no doubt that the workforce is more mobile today and they are using mobile technologies to get work done. This opens the door to infinitely more organizational structure options. This can, in turn, lead to […]

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Udoh and the Golden State Warriors

Absolutely everyone, everything is a social, mobile network

A few months back the Golden State Warriors launched their iPhone app and quietly ushered in a new era of mobility for the Warriors fan. The fan’s connection to the team now extends beyond the game and brings a higher level experience that includes special offers, exclusive content and interaction around polls and social media. […]

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