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Integration is everything in a mobile, social, cloud and big data world

We live in a world where business is moving faster each and every day. The time frames of the pre-Internet age where phones and fax were the norm would seem impossibly slow today. Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. While the speed of business picks up, there are new challenges that make managing information and decisions […]

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Email is T-Rex

Email is Tyrannosaurus Rex: feared and soon to be extinct

We all use email whether we want to or not. Nearly everyone relies on it as much as many of us hate it and we mostly use it because everyone else does. An interactive presentation in Harvard Business Review this month by Barry Gill made the statement, “Email: Not Dead, Evolving.” Being in the ’email […]

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Social Fail

Ouch, I think I just broke my social media

Believe it or not, we’re now a decade into the concept of mainstream social media. It was May 2003 when LinkedIn first hit the Web and it was only 2004 when Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It was only seven years ago, 2007 to be exact, when Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet from […]

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Protests in Turkey

Turkey’s Prime Minister and that pesky social media

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has officially blamed, drunks, extremists and Twitter for the ills that Turkey is facing with protestors in Taksim Gezi Square. Drunks, maybe…extremists, possibly…but Twitter? Isn’t that like blaming smoke signals for Custer’s Last Stand. It feels like a serious mix-up of cause and effect. “Worst menace to society” Erdogan […]

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Next 20 years

Get a jump on the next twenty years of technology

After so many years in technology, I find it hard to see the newest trends as completely new. I’ve become a cynic about hype. Things have cycled so many times in my career that every new fad reminds me of  highly touted ‘movements’ like CORBA and artificial intelligence, and once-hot platforms like MySpace and AOL. […]

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Sonny and Cher1

Cher fans secretly glad it was Thatcher who died

We live in a brave new social world, proven today by the death of Margaret Thatcher and the rise of the hashtag #NowThatchersDead. It seems too many people failed to capitalize the proper letters, leaving legions of Cher fans with the belief their idol left to join Sonny when they saw #nowthatchersdead. These are the […]

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Jon Stewart

Social media first: An American comedian takes on the President of Egypt

Today, US-based comedian and host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, had a war of words with the President of Egypt on Twitter. Think about that for a just a minute. Social media has now become a channel for international debate involving not the citizens, but their leaders. This was inconceivable just a few years […]

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If you’re a loser online…you’re just a loser

While writing a recommendation for a friend on LinkedIn earlier this week, I realized I was doing something that I couldn’t have imagined doing few years ago. You’re probably thinking, ‘Sure, it’s not like LinkedIn has been around forever’. But it wasn’t about LinkedIn. It was more about the recommendation itself. It was for someone […]

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Social media’s story is far from over as Amazon acquires Goodreads

There are stories showing up now saying that social media is a trend that is becoming played out and on the downside of its hype cycle. I would argue that’s not at all true. What’s happening instead is a gradual envelopment of all forms of activity by social media platforms suited to engagement. Social isn’t […]

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Life is but a stream and the enterprise needs to dive in

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff announced last week that Chatter will become the de-facto front end of Salesforce going forward. In a statement Benioff talked about the rise of how people are connecting and the use of platforms like Twitter and Facebook, all of which are based on streams of user activity. He then went on to […]

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How dare you text when I’m speaking

Texting in meetings is considered by many to be unprofessional and rude. If there was any doubt, asking that question recently on LinkedIn released a torrent of emotion that made it clear that some people feel very, very strongly against it. After watching weeks of emphatic responses and a few descriptive comments on how texters […]

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Mobile Dinosaur

Marketer, don’t be a mobile dinosaur

An article in today’s TechCrunch summed it up nicely: Twitter Study Shows Its Mobile-First Users Are Younger, More Engaged And Easier to Market To. If you don’t see what that means, repeat it to yourself again. There’s money in mobile-first The world is ultimately driven by economic models and Twitter is telling us that social interaction […]

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Old men

22 year olds should design everything

22 year olds should design everything. I am just 22 years old and I’ve decided that’s the first line on my resume. I turned 22 just a few days ago and it was an opportunity to reflect. I decided we live in an oligarchic society ruled by just a few men with receding hairlines. This is […]

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Tom Hanks in Big

Forrester peers into next 5 years with 15 predictions

Forrester analyst Brian Hopkins today blogged his Top 15 technology predictions for the next 5 years leading up to 2018. I didn’t find too many rolls of the dice. For many there will be no big surprises; Mobile (tops the class for disruption), Social, Cloud, Big Data but here Brian splits the pack down further […]

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Two-year birthday candle

Social grows up in the workplace

The following is a guest post by Paul LaBelle, a marketing and corporate communications executive with deep experience in the software industry. A former journalist, Paul lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Welcome to the party There’s a party happening today on more than 1.5 million PCs, laptops and mobile devices worldwide as tibbr celebrates its second birthday.  […]

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Are you a social media super hero?

I am not talking about the Facebook user with one million friends. I am not talking about the social humanitarians who are saving the world one tweet at a time. I am talking about our social media alter egos. Every super hero from Batman to Superman to Spider Man has an alter ego. By day […]

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