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How does an underway business adopt a framework? #bpm #frameworks #apqc

I hosted a seminar this morning along with Northrop Grumman’s Dennis Pikop on the topic of how to implement and mature business process and other frameworks.  We used examples that highlighted three circumstances; withing ‘legacy’ businesses that merge or acquire (Northrop Grumman), from the top downward (UPS) and from the bottom up (ThyssenKrupp Steel USA).  […]

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Customer Relationship Management — The core of every business? #CRM #BPM

The following is a guest blog by Lucy Mills: At a recent Microsoft Cloud Summit Brad Wilson, General Manager of Customer Relationship Management at Microsoft, made the point, “CRM is no longer nice to have–it is core to every business”.   For most of us, he was saying the obvious.  However, I was recently attending a […]

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What does business process maturity mean? #bpm

I will cohost a webinar with Northrop Grumman on May 31st to discuss and field questions on the APQC Frameworks Study and process maturity.  To download the Study with webinar details, click on the image below. From a process perspective, companies grow up and mature the same way humans do.  They nearly always start in […]

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Four corners

The four corners of social BPM

We had a great call with Gartner yesterday that helped shift my views on social BPM ever so slightly, but enough to inspire a blog.  The discussion centered around blending classic content collaboration with a realistic social strategy.  It is clear from the blogosphere, conferences and (most importantly) customer conversations that many enterprises are trying to get their […]

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Supply Chain…where do I start? #supplychain #SCOR #bpm

A guest blog by Tom Molyneux: Last week, Chris Taylor posted a great quick start guide to getting started with BPM.  This made me realize that many of the same challenges confront those tackling initial Supply Chain initiatives.  Good news…there is an even more-well worn road map that companies can follow to improve their chances of […]

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Where is the QR (quick read) barcode craze going? #bpm #outsourcing

I was finally able to find a purpose for the QR (or quick read) code scanner on my Blackberry.  Only two months after I downloaded it for a reason I can’t recall. I immediately start to think about how we’ll use it?  Is it a way to look up product info at Best Buy?  Is the […]

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Business process…where do I start?

There are many people with a sincere desire to manage business processes but have no idea where to start.  It can appear overwhelming at first and more than a few of these people are in a lonely position, squeezed between an IT that sees the world as automation, and senior management that doesn’t fully buy […]

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Arguing monks of Tibet

Doesn’t debate make us stronger?

I’ve decided that ideas that can’t stand up to the scrutiny of a public forum are candidates for the scrap heap.  That doesn’t mean that that everything is up for public debate or that nothing should be ‘skunk works’, but a broad discussion can certainly find a new paradigm or better way of doing things.  […]

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Connection is Currency

Connection as currency

A coworker shared a LinkedIn function that creates a graphical map of your contacts.  I created my own and marveled at the pretty colors and curving lines.  Other than looking like a new and highly personal art form, what did it mean? Truth be told, I’m still not entirely sure.  Yet I keep looking at […]

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What are the boundaries of social BPM?

Apple introduced the new iMac today.  Faster processors, more graphics umph and an HD camera.  It puzzled me at first as I tried to reason why an HD camera would matter on a very stationary PC.   Then it dawned on me that what I was seeing was another step in the direction of ‘social’.  We’re […]

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Patagonia Jackets

The rise of the social enterprise – McKinsey weighs in

One after another, the most ‘fringe’ of concepts of the Internet Era become the new way of doing business.  Skeptics beware…the most unlikely of web ideas seems to eventually become the norm in business.  We’ve watched YouTube move from “a wild-wild West of content — a place where marketers shied away from uploading their commercials, […]

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