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Drum beat

Tang, Teflon and the Great Shift to mobile #MobileBPM #BPM #BPMFuture

If you’re like me, when you hear the drum beating for a new technology or application of technology, you have a fair amount of skepticism. There are lots of vested interest out there in keeping us on the bleeding edge of technology and those who would like to use us secretly as beta testers of […]

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Aircraft at the gate

Holiday travel without the 2 Second Advantage

A recent post gave an example of BPM and Big Data coming together for an excellent customer experience. Great BPM is a powerful capability in the hands of your employees. The following is a true story that relates what happens in their absence. The scene Christmas is only three days away and the gates at […]

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Social technology in BPM

Gartner and my BPM predictions for 2012 #BPM

Just to kick things off, there’s a new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis, and it is interesting to say the least. This leads well into today’s post.  What are my BPM predictions for 2012 as we stand on the verge of the new year? The competition Competition is heating up between the top […]

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How does Northrop Grumman become process-focused? #BPM

Northrop Grumman has a remarkable history that includes developing the B2 Bomber, the EA6-B Prowler, satellites, the new Gerald R. Ford super carrier, and the history-making Apollo lunar module. It is an enormous enterprise with over 130,000 employees and a tough challenge…their principal customer, the US Government, plans to cut $500 billion in spending over […]

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Transparency is the key

Will social technology kill email?

Two weeks ago, the French information technology company Atos declared they will eliminate email for intra-employee communication over the next 18 months. Even before this announcement, there was no doubt that email is under pressure and that this could be a great thing. If you consider that the whole spectrum of BPM involves a significant amount […]

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Office Space - What would you say ya do here?

The Golden Rule of process #BPM

The following is another guest blog by Tom Molyneux. Tom is a business process consultant at some of the largest enterprises in the world. His experiences in the strategic use of technology give him thoughtful insights into the rapidly changing world we live in. “Say what you do, do what you say” — Anonymous Say what you […]

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Alec Baldwin and Big Data?

Alec Baldwin and the challenges of #BigData

If you followed the Alec Baldwin saga this week, you know that he was kicked off an American Airlines flight waiting to leave LAX. It seems he had a verbal altercation with a flight attendant who asked him to turn off his phone. As a very frequent flyer, I have lots of opportunities to wonder […]

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Do you have a technology crystal ball?

Anticipating the BPM technology future

Everyone wants to have an oracle at their service. We wish we could know what will happen next so that our bets can be placed in the best places. Even better…don’t place bets but instead make the right investment once and only once. To do this, we need to correctly anticipate what is coming next. […]

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Vivek Ranadive

Words of a forward-looking technology CEO

I had the pleasure of hearing Vivek Ranadive speak at a corporate event this morning. The centerpiece of his talk was the five trends that he believes will drive the 21st Century. Always wanting to predict the future, I took notes furiously and this is roughly what he said: 5 trends for the 21st Century […]

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Driveway view on Thursday morning in Pasadena

#BPM and the problem of shallow roots

I live in Pasadena, California, and if you watched the news this past week, my hometown was the epicenter of a fierce windstorm that brought down over 450 of the oldest, largest trees in Southern California. The picture to the left was the scene at daybreak on the morning after the storm. As I write this post, […]

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RNLI small boat rescue

Does BPM save lives?

The following is a guest post by Nigel Warren. Nigel has the enviable task of visiting lots of diverse customers to record case study interviews in video and written form.  He’s worked in BPM marketing field for around five years and formerly held product management, consulting and training roles with SAP (UK) Ltd and elearning specialist […]

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