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Thoughts on how mobile tech will change our work

When we think of mobile technology and the workplace, it’s very easy to go down one of two paths: I can be reached 24 x 7 and never get a break thanks to my smartphone I can work from anywhere and have freedom thanks to my smartphone Both of these paths are a real part […]

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Asurion knows digital life is here to stay

Asurion CEO Steve Ellis and CIO Barry Vandevier took the stage this morning at TUCON 2013 with a great story of our times. We live in a world increasingly dependent on mobile devices. In fact, we’ve reached a point that when technology fails, our daily routine is out of balance at work and at home. Knowing […]

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Our devices are going to coach us

Adidas announced at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2013 Conference that they’re creating a smartwatch that can provide location, speed, heart rate and serve music during workouts. That’s interesting, sure, but there’s something remarkable they’re adding: coaching. An athlete wearing the Adidas smartwatch will provide coaching through the watch’s screen or headphones. This is certainly a glimpse of what’s […]

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Is mobile retail starting to grow up?

It really takes two things for mobile retail to become the norm…it has to be high on the agenda of the major brands and it has to be an expectation of the consumer. We’re making progress on both fronts. A recent survey by Internet Retailer shows that 79% of retailers now find mobile commerce important, […]

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Surprise: iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S are a Killer Customer Engagement Platform

Apple gave customer engagement management a tremendous boost with its release of the iPhone 5S and iOS 7, and most people don’t even realize it. While much of the world is talking about the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor and other obvious features, Apple quietly (very quietly, in fact) introduced much faster, separate processors that make their […]

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Mobility requires a different kind of infrastructure

The following is a guest post by Sean O’Shaughnessey. With the launch of the iPhone 5S, consumers have been treated to yet another leap forward in technology and ease of use, but that creates a problem as well. Enterprise consumers of mobile applications are setting their expectations of performance based on popular consumer applications on […]

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breakthrough in banking

Are retail banks on course for an omni-channel revolution?

The following is a guest post by Sandesh Sharanappa. The banking industry is poised for a sea change as a result of the changing global and national regulations, demanding customers, disruptive technologies and the arrival of non-traditional players offering retail banking services. The industry faces a challenge in providing seamless customer experience, becoming truly customer […]

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Mobile Needle

Threading the mobile needle with service gateways

It’s ridiculous, when you think about it…craziness. We expect our business and personal information to be available through a little device, our chosen smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Likewise, organizations expect any system on the organization’s ‘backend’ to be available to any employee, partner or customer…on any device… on the ‘front end’, 24 x 7, with no […]

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Integration is everything in a mobile, social, cloud and big data world

We live in a world where business is moving faster each and every day. The time frames of the pre-Internet age where phones and fax were the norm would seem impossibly slow today. Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. While the speed of business picks up, there are new challenges that make managing information and decisions […]

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Mobile marketing

Mobility brings a whole new level of loyalty

It’s starting to look like brands and retailers are finally starting to understand the mobile device. It’s about time. Since the dawn of the smartphone, the world has predicted that mobile technology would change the retail landscape. Instead, there’s been very slow progress and an unfulfilled prediction. But we’re turning a corner, and reports are […]

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Despite Tableau IPO excitement, are we headed for the end of the standalone application?

Day 2 of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Conference in London and I can’t help but ask myself, “Does the combination of cloud, mobile, social and data usher in the eventual end of the stand alone application? There’s a frank reality that these four ‘movements’, called the Nexus of Forces by Gartner, intersect […]

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Next 20 years

Get a jump on the next twenty years of technology

After so many years in technology, I find it hard to see the newest trends as completely new. I’ve become a cynic about hype. Things have cycled so many times in my career that every new fad reminds me of  highly touted ‘movements’ like CORBA and artificial intelligence, and once-hot platforms like MySpace and AOL. […]

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Who needs Apple if everything is a mobile device?

In a story everyone could enjoy, Heineken announced the creation of special beer bottles that are connected devices. That story raises a great point…why should humans ‘carry’ a single mobile device when everything we come into contact with can be the point of interaction? If we think about it, the idea that our desktop, tablet, […]

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Without a new approach, new banks are no better than old

This blog post looks at the promise of new entrants into the UK retail banking sector. It also discusses in general where retail banks should focus on in order to stay competitive in an industry that is marked by ever more assertive customers and disruptive technology changes. There is always a sense of expectation when […]

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Frustrated With Your Shopping Experience? It Doesn’t Have to Be this Way.

The following is a guest post by Sean O’Shaughnessey. I admit it, I hate shopping. When my wife hands me a list for the grocery store I am convinced she is trying to punish me for some past transgression. I know better than to argue with her though, so I dutifully head to the store. […]

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Facebook phone

Will we see a ‘Facebook Phone’ for the enterprise ?

So it’s expected that Facebook will unveil a not very well kept secret at their event today; a Facebook ‘phone’ manufactured by HTC with deeper integration with Google’s Android OS. What it promises is more ‘ambient alerts’ and an accelerated social life. All well and good for the consumer market but it presents its own […]

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