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I want (and you should, too) my kids to have tech jobs

I have teenage step children and a four month old daughter. In the short 15 years between the birth of the teens and the infant, the world changed incredibly. The Internet arrived and software began eating the world at an even faster rate. This has me concerned about their employment prospects by the time both […]

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luggage stuffing

Is your technology past a heavy burden to carry around?

Gartner’s AADI Conference kicked off this morning at the Park Plaza in London with the keynote Gartner Keynote: Integrate the Past. Embrace the Present. Shape the Futuredelivered by Gartner’s Andy Kyte and David Mitchell Smith. Kyte and Smith talked about the Nexus of Forces (cloud, mobile, social and information) that is driving both change and uncertainty. […]

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The war being waged on technology

With the recent announcements that Yahoo and now Best Buy are not allowing employees to telecommute, it seems some people simply refuse to keep up with technology of work. It looks like top executives are resisting, and not in the noble motion picture kind of way where humans have to fight off evil robots. Humans, […]

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Columbus Ohio

Maybe Dublin is the best place to start a business

I may just have seen the next breakthrough technology company in its infancy. Yesterday, I spent the morning taking a behind the scenes tour of the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.  The DEC is home to 80 aspiring start-up companies focused in the fields of Technology, Green, and International business. […]

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Conflicting data or the data divide?

This week there have been two reports released. One from OfCom (Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) which has reported that the UK’s mobile users are consuming more data on their phones and tablets than any other leading nation for the first time. A second from Office for National Statistics has […]

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The Petraeus fall should concern all of us

We watched an arguable military hero, General David Petraeus, fall from grace over the past week based on an affair he had with another Army officer. But wait, didn’t he retire and take a civilian position? Did he break any laws? Did he share any classified information? Oh, that’s right…no, no and no. This incident […]

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Police officers wearing riot gear stand in front of a burning building in Tottenham

The technology of expression and oppression

As a Navy officer in 1990’s Spain, I was able to experience the paralyzing effects of national strikes first-hand. Even the announcement of a ‘Huelga!’ would send travelers scurrying to agencies to reroute and mitigate the potential challenges. In the absence of information, we found security by steering a wide margin around the area of […]

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Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Moon

A remarkable piece of history died

I wasn’t even born and my husband was almost four years old when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on July 20, 1969. It was an amazing achievement by a group of people who had an entire country’s support, urged on by a President, John F. Kennedy, who set the goal in his famous speech […]

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Stethoscope Computer Keyboard Healthcare

Seeing and responding our way to better healthcare

The following was first published on The TIBCO Blog. We can expect significant changes ahead in healthcare as a surge of digitized data becomes available to healthcare providers and insurance payers alike. The data sets will be large and diverse, requiring filtering, analysis, and a way to deliver information to the right place or person […]

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