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Speedy Gonzalez

CIO: take a lesson from Speedy Gonzalez

Do you remember Speedy Gonzalez, “The fastest mouse in all Mexico?” He never lost to his nemesis, Sylvester, known south of the border as El Gringo Pussygato.  He was hero to his mouse compatriots because he was smarter and faster than the competition guarding the cheese factory. If Sylvester wasn’t tricked into consuming large amounts of […]

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Silicon Valley around San Jose

Leveraging Silicon Valley — from wherever you are

In business, volatility used to be more limited to the realms of finance and high tech. But as the tech wave has continued to sweep the globe, the environment for all organizations, including non-tech ones, has shifted from stability and predictability to rapid, unpredictable change. Innovations like Amazon price checks, or changes to healthcare or […]

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Fortne Teller

Breaking down Gartner’s 2014 strategic tech trends

Gartner may be the biggest technology advisory service in the world but that doesn’t mean that their predictions are always on the money or as forward-looking as we’d like. Here is our take on this year’s list: Mobile Device Diversity and Management Gartner statement: “Through 2018, the growing variety of devices, computing styles, user contexts […]

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World Vision

One guy’s summary of TUCON 2013

TIBCO’s TUCON 2013 in Las Vegas wrapped up on Thursday and today, two days later, I’ve had the chance to reflect on what was most interesting. Here are my takeaways: Civilization 3.0 In the opening keynote, CEO Vivek Ranadivé told the audience that we’re entering a new era that he called Civilization 3.0. He broke earlier […]

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After the Great Recession comes the Great Integration

Are you ready for the Great Integration? To realize how absolutely crucial data integration has become, you need to first think back to the mid-2000’s. The hot conversation was around service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the benefits of loosely coupled business systems that that allowed information to flow between applications and databases through reusable interfaces built […]

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A glimpse inside the retail bank of the future

In previous blogs we referred to the operating models of retail banks by identifying certain product and channel features that drive the changes in the industry. This post will focus on the evolving operating model and the impacts it has on people, process and enabling capabilities, which is more than the technology that drives most […]

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API Management

What’s your strategy for the API economy?

An even better question is, “Do you have a strategy for the API economy?” Where API’s used to be limited to allowing applications to talk to each other inside the corporate firewall, today’s API’s are a key part of the real work being done by the Web. It took a few years, but now Web […]

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I am a weirdo. I don’t belong here.

…that’s right. I don’t belong here. In fact, what the hell am I doing here? Before you jump to the wrong conclusions, those aren’t my words. You’ll know whose words they are in just a minute. But before that, I want to spend a moment to talk about something that seems to be (but probably […]

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The product roadmap is a work of fiction

As a Product Manager I always struggled with; maintaining the product roadmap and, in order to feed the roadmap, requirements gathering. I was constantly expected to present the roadmap to different groups within the organization like it was supposed to mean something. I could tell people what was going to be in the next release but why did they care […]

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luggage stuffing

Is your technology past a heavy burden to carry around?

Gartner’s AADI Conference kicked off this morning at the Park Plaza in London with the keynote Gartner Keynote: Integrate the Past. Embrace the Present. Shape the Futuredelivered by Gartner’s Andy Kyte and David Mitchell Smith. Kyte and Smith talked about the Nexus of Forces (cloud, mobile, social and information) that is driving both change and uncertainty. […]

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Hello Sonos, goodbye Bose and why proprietary anything sucks

I finally did it…I broke my longstanding relationship with Bose sound systems and bought my first Sonos equipment…starting out with the Bridge and one Play 3 speaker. I brought it home and had it running in ten minutes. No wires, and even though I had a manual, I didn’t need it. Like my all of my […]

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Despite Tableau IPO excitement, are we headed for the end of the standalone application?

Day 2 of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Conference in London and I can’t help but ask myself, “Does the combination of cloud, mobile, social and data usher in the eventual end of the stand alone application? There’s a frank reality that these four ‘movements’, called the Nexus of Forces by Gartner, intersect […]

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Can IT organizations deliver business outcomes?

The Gartner AADI Conference in London kicked off this morning with a keynote on how to bring IT organizations into the future. The first speaker, Gartner’s David Mitchell Smith, started off by asking the question, “Are you comfortable?” The crowd didn’t respond for the most part but Smith didn’t wait very long before following up […]

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School bus

The CIO is driving IT toward a cliff

There’s an increasing perception across the enterprise that the role of the CIO as we know it won’t survive the decade. This isn’t anecdotal evidence, either, as respected institutions like the Harvard Business Review, the Economist and others are publishing studies that show that the average CEO is unhappy with the status quo of their […]

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Gene Kim

Your organization doesn’t need to be at war with itself

Author Gene Kim has a lot to say about the DevOps Movement. He recently published The Phoenix Project as his treatise on exactly how technology organizations can speed development in a way that meets the business needs without all of the infighting and without ignoring stability, reliability and security. Anyone who’s been in technology knows […]

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Without a new approach, new banks are no better than old

This blog post looks at the promise of new entrants into the UK retail banking sector. It also discusses in general where retail banks should focus on in order to stay competitive in an industry that is marked by ever more assertive customers and disruptive technology changes. There is always a sense of expectation when […]

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