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The cost of not knowing

I am exposed to organizations doing some very innovative things with their organizational processes. They are state-of-the-art in managing leveraging process-improvement tools, such as Lean, Six Sigma, or other homegrown or hybrid improvement methodologies. They focus a great deal of effort in refining processes, better managing processes, and/or reducing waste from their organizational processes. I […]

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Dinosaur ERP

Traditional ERP has become a dinosaur

The following is a guest post by ————–, an expert in ERP and business process currently in the ERP witness protection program. His opinions are his own. Traditional ERP has served us well but has built-in limitations that make it a dinosaur. I’m not the first person to make that observation. Legacy ERP, just like […]

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Networked world and ERP

ERP doesn’t differentiate your business

The globalized, industrialized world is run mostly by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. That’s been the case since the 70’s, when we first computerized accounting through mainframe and other monolithic, all-or-nothing applications. Dun & Bradstreet eventually dominated a marketplace where only the wealthiest companies could afford to play. The arrival of client-server applications in the […]

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Why ERP needs BPM…a view from the BPM Summit

I had the fortune of sitting in on one of the early sessions at the 2011 Gartner Business Process Summit here in Baltimore today.  It was Bill Swanton, a VP at Gartner talking about “Peaceful and Productive Co-Existence of Enterprise Applications and BPM”. Bill started off with what some might call the obvious…that ERP’s have inflexible, programmed […]

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